The Pokémon craze from the 90s is alive and well once again and everyone is looking for a way to cash in on its explosive popularity. Not only is it a great way to connect with your customers, did you know Pokémon Go is also an incredible marketing tool? Here’s a few ways to take advantage of it for your business.

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Here’s some easy tips to make Pokémon Go work for your business.

Set a lure

Lures can be tied to any Pokéstop in the area and attract additional Pokémon for 30 minutes.

Offer a Discount

You can give daily or hourly discounts to members of certain teams, certain level trainers, or whoever’s occupying nearby gyms.

Use Pokémon to Draw Them In

Encourage passing Pokémon trainers to stop in to your business by reminding them of nearby Pokéstops, gyms, or just offering something special for trainers like free water or a public bathroom.

Plan a Pokémon Go Themed Party

Drop lures throughout the event, have prizes for trainers, offer special food or drinks – the sky is the limit to what you can offer for excited trainers.

Let Pokémon Invade Your Social Media

Update your social media graphics, take photos of Pokémon that are in your business or office, and talk about the craze on your various social media channels. Make sure to use tags!

Are you planning on using Pokémon go to grow your business? Take advantage of the craze before it fizzles out – message us.

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