Having a period of slowing down can be pretty disheartening for any small business. If COVID-19 has meant less clients or customers, you might be feeling like things aren’t going well for your company. Or, even worse, that you’ll never recover. But, there’s hope! Don’t think that just because you’re not doing business that you can’t work for your company. These are some things you can do right now that will have a positive impact on your future business. Best of all? They won’t cost a fortune (or anything at all.)

Things you can that will have a positive impact on your business during COVID-19:

Network, network, network

This is truly the key to any successful business. Yes, you have to do what you do well, but it’s all about who you know. Even if you’re stuck at home you can still build those connections remotely. Join Facebook groups, reach out to people, and offer advice where you can. Message family and friends and ask them if they have any referrals. Don’t forget to take good notes about the people you meet so you can follow up later.

Clean up

Like I said in my spring cleaning post, you can really do a lot to clean up your business. Organize your paperwork, streamline your digital files, or zero your inbox. Now is the time to get it together so that when business goes back to usual you’re organized and ready to hustle.

Work on your social media

If you already have brand accounts, go over them and see if you can make some changes. While everyone at home now is the time to invite people to “like” your Facebook page, or work on networking on Twitter and Instagram. If you don’t have brand socials, set them up and actually learn how to use them. You can also schedule content (either with the Facebook scheduler or apps like Tailwind and Hootsuite) ahead of time so when you get busy again you don’t have to think about social media as much.

Follow up on past leads

Have some leads that you haven’t connected with in a long time? Reach out and see how they’re doing. You’ll have to use some tact, since people aren’t buying much right now, but it’s important to keep that line of communication is over. You could also consider running a promotion that will lock them into a future contract (when things are better) that you can put together now. Just make sure to use tact and only reach out when appropriate.

Wrap up any outstanding projects

Have a website that you planned on having built but haven’t followed through? Started building a home office but didn’t completed? Got halfway through a book before giving up? Well now’s the time to get those things done! Complete any outstanding projects and tie up loose ends so you have a clean slate going forward.

Create a marketing plan or work on branding

You might not be able to spend money right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan how you’ll spend it later. Use this time to research marketing strategies and come up with a marketing plan to get your business back on its feet. This is also a great time to line up your freelancers for later; they might be overwhelmed by everyone doing the same thing and booked up when you decide to get moving again. You can also work on narrowing down your brand image and the vibe you want to give to your clients.

Start a newsletter or send one out

For the clients and customers you already have it’s important to keep in touch during these times. Even if they’re not going to buy anything. After all, you want them to think of you first when things get better. Send out an email blast or newsletter that highlights your company, what you’ve been up to, or how you miss them. How you do this will depending on your personal brand and customer base. Make it a monthly habit that you start now!

Share your knowledge on a blog

Blogs are incredible for SEO and I reccomend including them on all my clients’ websites. If you have any information to share, why not share it? Write as many posts as you can and schedule them to go up later so you always have something new to share with your customers. Blog posts can be about anything, but keeping them within your ‘niche’ works best.

Offer something for free

While you can’t really do a free physical gift right now depending on your business, you can possible give your customers something they can use. For example, IKEA posted their meatball recipe online since their stores are closed. If you have something that you can share with your customers at no cost now would be a great time to pass that on.

Take care of yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup. If everything that’s going on in the world is getting you down take the time to rest and recharge. If things are running smoothly otherwise, and cash flow allows for it, take a break while you can. Recharge those batteries so that when you can work you’ll be ready!

What I’m doing

Personally, I’ve been using this time to do some of these things myself. I recently set up a CRM to keep better track of my clients and to do list, and set up a tailwind account to master my Pinterest account. I’m developing my personal marketing strategy and also some strategies for my clients. Finally, I’m going to finally update my website! It’s funny how sometimes your personal stuff gets neglected.

If you’d like a hand completing any of these tasks feel free to shoot me an email for a free quote.

Stay home and stay safe!

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