What is it? Huge social media website with over a billion active users each month. You can interact with your friends and family, share photos and video, join groups, and access pages.

What can I do with my business? Create a Facebook page to promote your business and have people “like” it. From there, post updates about latest promotions, events, or anything you’d like to share with your followers.

How do I market? There are paid promotion and advertising options but the key is to get people to like, comment on, or share your statuses. These will appear in other people’s “feeds” and be seen by a wider audience. Then you can drive traffic to a website or store. The more people interact with your page, the more of your posts they’ll see.


What is it? Website where you’re limited to to 140 characters to post updates. You can follow other people (and them you) and interact by replying or “retweeting” (sharing) people’s messages (tweets). It has around 300 million active users.

What can I do with my business? Create a Twitter account for your business and use it to post updates and interact with your customer base.

How do I market? Post relevant messages to your followers and make sure to interact whenever possible. You can follow similar people in your niche or your target customer so they know about you. Twitter is very good for browsing tags, just look for ones in your niche and “like”, “reply”, or “retweet” relevant posts by your peers or potential customers. Paid advertising is also an option.


What is it? Users can create “boards” and save “pins” to them to go back to later. These also share to their followers. You can follow specific people or just single boards that they have on their profile. It’s mostly popular with the home decor, DIY, parenting, and general home-making scenes with lots of exceptions.

What can I do with my business? Create a Pinterest account and boards relevant to your business. Use that to “pin” from your website and make sure they have rich images.

How do I market? Don’t just post your own stuff, Pinterest relies on you being an active user to really market effectively. People on Pinterest are looking for ideas, not to be sold to. You can even create specific content for Pinterest like a DIY idea or recipe that will link back to your site. Either way make sure your content is pretty and shareable.


What is it? Share photos and follow others to see what photos they’re sharing. The app has evolved from Poloroid-style filters to offering a lot of options to style and tag the pictures you share.

What can I do with my business? Using the app, create an account for your business and post pictures of your office, work, products, or interesting things related to your company.

How do I market? Instagram users like to follow interesting accounts so make sure you take the time to capture unique, good quality photos. You can also take advantage of the tagging system to let others find you and “like” and “follow” potential customers.


What is it? “Stumble” on new websites based on your interests and the people you follow. “Like” or “Dislike” what comes up to help tweak the system to gear more relative pages to you.

What can I do with my business? Use the website and make sure to stumble lots of other pages. Every now and then, submit a page from your own website to StumbleUpon and hopefully it will show up for others.

How do I market? It’s kind of a gamble. If you don’t use the site and only submit your content StumbleUpon will block your pages from being see, so make sure you’re stumbling, liking, and using the site. As you gain followers more people will see what you submit. Sometimes posts go viral from this site.

Google Plus

What is it? Google’s less popular answer to Facebook. Handy because it integrates with your gmail account and you can connect with anyone you are already emailing.

What can I do with my business? Create a business page and if you have a physical location link it with Google Maps. You can also share any of your updates on this page and lots of info.

How do I market? Besides Google Maps you can market your page by joining relevant “communities” that are either based on your nice or your ideal customer. You can also take advantage of Hangouts to chat with your customers. Finally, the SEO benefits are really good for G+.

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