So you think you’ve found the perfect name for your business? Checked out the local yellow pages and no one has the exact same one? Stop! You’re still not ready to pull the trigger just yet. Here’s 5 business commonly forgotten or overlooked business name tips for you to consider.


The Domain

When naming your business search any domain registration service for potential .com ideas. If you can’t get something close to your business name, or a reasonable form of it, then it might be worth reconsidering. Choosing another domain extension (.info, .blog, etc) is an option if yours is registered, just make sure you take into account what the most popular version of your domain is. People will mess it up. You will also need to improve on your SEO if someone is established with a similar business name.

The Acronym

Unless your business name is really short chances are you’re going to need to abbreviate it in some manner. Our site, Interlake Design, simply gets shortened to ID. You could be clever: Superior Moving and Relocating Toronto can become SMART. You get the idea. Just make sure they don’t spell out something unintended.


Choosing a name that relies on a common acronym or has a lot of regular words in it can be really hard for people to find. Local companies can include their location into the business name to help make it easier to differentiate from other similar companies. Alternatively, you can pick a name that’s unique to you so if someone googles it you’ll be the first and only one to come up.

Another thing to consider here is how your business name might be misspelled. Try searching for your desired name and a few spelling variations to see what will come up.

Your Logo

A lot of people don’t consider how their business name is going to fit onto a logo. Something that’s very long might need to stretch across making it difficult to put the entire business name in the square social media icons. You’ll need to consider where you plan on putting your full logo and look into variations to be recognizable across all platforms. A clever name can also make room for clever logo design.

Make It Stand Out

Consider your competition when deciding on a business name. You don’t want to be just another food blogger: you want to be the food blogger. Pick something that reflects the business you’re trying to establish, the first impression you want to give, and whether it’s something special and unique. An easy to remember but unique business name will give your company longevity.

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