Even if your business already has a website it’s well worth it to re-evaluate the level of professionalism you’re presenting to the world. If you don’t already have a website, why not?

Here’s 30 reasons why your business needs a professional website.

  1. People can find you on search engines
  2. Have a more detailed Google Maps listing
  3. Link to it from print ads to save on space or give more info
  4. Share information, promotions, or features about your business
  5. Look more professional
  6. Appear to be more established and reliable
  7. Keep your store open 24-7
  8. Help drive customers to your store
  9. Stay ahead of competitors
  10. Makes you appear more modern
  11. Helps you gain a younger customer base
  12. Allows your customers to find you at all – half of people don’t look anywhere but online
  13. Improves on your company’s branding
  14. Allows you to have professional emails
  15. Can grow with you as your needs change
  16. Cheaper than a couple print ads with greater return on investment
  17. A gateway to online marketing
  18. Better customer service and areas for feedback
  19. Your competitor probably has one
  20. Reach a larger audience
  21. It makes a good first impression
  22. Interact with your customers (or prospective ones)
  23. Smart phones mean your information is always in reach
  24. Every business is expected to have a website now
  25. Cheaper than a secretary to handle online sales, bookings, quotes, etc
  26. For non brick and mortar businesses, the easiest way to connect with clients
  27. Customers can browse at their leisure
  28. Rich content that you can’t display anywhere but the web
  29. Saves money on printing catalogues and brochures
  30. It makes things easier for your customers (online orders, registration, etc)
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